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GRW 2022 Keynotes, Panels, & Workshops



  • Friday Luncheon Keynote with Andrew Grey - Let Passion by Your Guide

  • Saturday Luncheon Keynote with Dahlia Rose - Why Aren’t You Writing? 

  • Sunday Craft Workshop with Melinda Curtis - Putting Words on the Page: tips, tricks, and hacks to get the story started, through the middle, and to a satisfying ending (including hands-on work on conflict and story engines).



  • John Hartness, Nancy Knight, and Berta Platas - Cold Reads

  • Andrew Gray, Melinda Curtis, Dahlia Rose, and Seressia Glass - Industry/Experience

  • Sherrilyn Kenyon - Talk with a New York Times Bestseller 



  • Andrew Gray-The Gay Guy in the Room

  • Andrew Grey-Improving your Productivity    

  • Becke Turner-Strength in Skirts: Creating a Strong Heroine

  • Booklogix - Copyright 101

  • BookLogix - Legal Issues for Authors

  • Brenda Lowder & Terra Weiss - Talk Funny to Me

  • Carrie Nichols - Category Romance

  • Ciara Knight - Finding Your Audience

  • Colleen Baxter - Down the Rabbit Hole: Infusing Realizm into Your Fantasy Creatures

  • Crystal Ramous - World Building Using Minecraft

  • Dahlia Rose - Author Journaling: A way to Plot, Inspire and Relax

  • Dahlia Rose - Writing Diversity throughout Genres

  • Diana Shuford - Show vs. Tell: The Battle of Characterization

  • Karen White - Audiobooks

  • Jennifer Grinstead - Writing Across Generations       

  • Jim Azevedo and Kevin Tumlinson with Smashwords and Draft2Digital – How Draft2Digital is Growing for You

  • Lauren Connolly - Tik Tok for Authors

  • Lindi Peterson - The Art of Storytelling          

  • Marilyn Baron - Setting the Scene

  • Mary Marvella - How Do I Start?

  • Sandy Elzie - Chunking System to Write Faster

  • Sara Reyes - Setting up Book Clubs and Get Your Book Chosen

  • Sherri-Lea Morgan - Villains

  • Sia Huff - Simple Story Structure

  • Susan Carlisle - POV

  • Tracy Solheim-Getting Superfans