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Due to the current pandemic situation, we have moved our monthly meetings online using Zoom. An invitation will be announced to our members in good standing each month via the RWA forum. The meetings will open at 9:30 a.m. for technical assistance and the program itself will begin at 10:00 a.m.


May 15th Program

This Can’t Be Legal—Looking to the Legal World for Characters, Context, and Conflict in Romance



Michele Glessoner


Michele Glessner is an Intellectual Property attorney at Alston & Bird LLP specializing in patent and trademark law.  In May of 2020, under the pen name Kathryn Amurra, she published her first novel SOOTHSAYER, a historical romance set in Ancient Rome.  Her second novel called ADMONITION, also set in Ancient Rome, is scheduled for publication in June.  ADMONITION won the Unpublished Maggie in 2020 in the Historical Romance category.  She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband of 20 years and their three school-aged daughters, where she is currently working on a third book in this collection.  You can reach out to her any time at, or find her at the following links:

Internet Links - 





Twitter:  @AmurraKathryn




Nothing says sexy like a smart, well-dressed, passionate-about-a-cause, too-busy-for-love lawyer. With that Type A personality and a keen ability to solve problems, lawyers can make excellent heroes and heroines in romance.  And the world of law is a perfect place to create the right amount of conflict between your hero and heroine for sparks to fly.  Tensions can run high between two associates vying for one partner position at the same firm; two attorneys trying to land the same client; two lawyers on opposite sides of the negotiating table; or an attorney and their client (but let’s not break any rules of ethics).  In this workshop, you will learn how lawyers think, what they do, and how they speak, so you can write the law into your romance and have your readers on the edge of their seats thinking your story is so good, it can’t be legal.