November 20th Program

Weaving Fact Into Fiction

So you’ve done the research for your novel, whether it’s an historical tale or contemporary one. Maybe you have pages of notes and lists of sources. Or you may still have more information to look up, but you don’t want to waste time going down research rabbit holes if it’s not going to help you tell your characters’ tale. But which details do you really need to include in your story? This workshop will teach you how to identify and choose the most important facts to weave seamlessly into your fiction.


Betty Bolt

Betty Bolté is known for authentic and accurately researched American historical fiction with heart and supernatural romance novels. She has published more than 25 books of fiction and nonfiction topics, most recently Becoming Lady Washington: A Novel, Notes of Love and War, and Desperate Reflections. She earned a Master’s Degree in English in 2008, emphasizing the study of literature and storytelling, and has judged numerous writing contests for both fiction and nonfiction. Get to know her at