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September 16th Program- Carla Swafford



Carla Swafford loves romance novels,

action/adventure movies, and men, and her books

reflect that. And on top of all that, she’s crazy about

hockey, and thankfully, no one has made her turn

in her Southern Belle card.


So, it’s no surprise she writes spicy romantic suspense filled with mercenaries, motorcycle one-percenters, and southern criminals. And in the last few years, she’s included sexy hockey players in books without suspense, except for the kind that asks, how will they ever find their happily ever after?


In 2015, Carla received RWA’s Pro Mentor Of The Year Award.

Married to her high school sweetheart, she lives in the Southeast U.S. To find out more about Carla, be sure to visit her Facebook and TikTok pages or join her newsletter.


Save The Story (No Sagging Middle)

Program Information


Zoom Meeting Fee: $8

Meeting fees may be paid via PayPal to

Meeting Schedule:

9:30-10:00 Business Meeting

10:00-11:00 Featured Speaker


Meeting Location:

Zoom Only

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