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Stellar Scenes

Scenes are the building blocks of story. How do you create memorable scenes?

  • Take 1: The foundation, what every scene needs. We’ll review the basics of what a scene is and what the experts say.

  • Take 2: You’ll learn key elements of a scene.

  • Take 3: Adding texture and dimension to make each scene stellar.

In this class you’ll learn how to create strong, layered, page-turning scenes.

Cut! It’s a wrap! 


Sia Huff


In junior high, Sia Huff mesmerized her art class daily with tales of a continuing adventure about her not-so-secret crush. And yet, she was not a lover of books. When she turned sixteen, her dad said to her mom, “I don’t care what it is, just get her to read.” Wise woman that her mom was, she handed Sia a romance novel and she was hooked. She found a genre she could relate to, a world of happily-ever-after’s. Sia made up for her earlier lack of reading by consuming a book a day during the summer breaks in high school and participated in reading contests with her college suite mate to see who could finish a novel the first.

It took many years, a degree in Fashion Merchandising, two different careers in banking and government contracting, a marriage and birth of her first child, before Sia realized her calling to be a writer. Sia now spends her time honing her writing skills and crafting compelling stories about the power of love. In 2008, Sia won the prestigious Maggie Award of Excellence for Best Short Contemporary Series. The following year she finaled in the Golden Heart.

Program Information


In-person meeting fee: $10

Zoom virtual meeting fee: $8

  • At the in-person meeting, breakfast is not included, but beverages will be available.

  • Members and guests must be 18 years old to attend.


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9:00-10:00 Coffee and Networking

10:00-11:00 Featured Speaker

11:00-12:00 Book signing/Business Meeting

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Hyatt Place Atlanta/ Norcross/ Peachtree

5600 Peachtree Pkwy, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092

Phone: (770) 416-7655

Sia Huff