M&M Workshop List



Vanessa Riley, Keynote Speaker

Piper Huguley, Featured Speaker

Tina Radcliffe, Craft Speaker


Special Sessions and Events

  • Coffee/Tea/Cookies Chat with Hybrid, Independent, and Traditional Author Panel (hosted by Susan Carlisle)

  • Author Signing and Chat

  • Stretch/Yoga classes every morning

  • Meet ups for PRO, PAN, Hybrid, Independent, and Traditionally published authors

  • Rooms set aside for writing, participating in virtual workshops, and a chat room to catch up with your fellow authors

Food and Beverage


  • Continental Breakfast provided Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

  • Lunch provided Friday and Saturday

  • Coffee/Tea/Cookies on Friday late afternoon

  • Maggie’s Awards Banquet on Saturday evening


In-Person Workshops

  • For the most current list of workshops and activities, see the M&M Whova Agenda.
    Note: that this list is subject to change.


Business Workshops

  • Coffee Money to Six Figures: Building and Reviving an Author Career presented by Ciara Knight

  • The Agent Game presented by Elle E. Ire and Jose Pablo Iriarte

  • Libraries + You: A Match Made in Heaven presented by Keri-Rae Barnum

  • WordPress.com: Build Your Author Website for a Lot, a Bit, a Little, or Free presented by Marina Reznor


Craft Workshops

  • The Marathon Method of Plotting presented by Christie Wright Wild

  • Your Pacing Score: A Numeric System for Finding Slow Spots (and Tips to Fix Them) presented by Arielle Haughee

  • Using Music and Images to “P.L.O.T.” If You’re a Pantser Like Me! presented by Jeanine Englert

  • What's that mean? Terms and Tips for new writers presented by Kerrie Turner

  • Picture Books and Romance Novels: They’re More Similar Than You Think!  presented by Rachel Smoka-Richardson

  • The Art of Critique- It’s Not What You Say but How You Say It presented by Susan Carlisle

  • Deep POV (Point of View) - Don't Get Caught in the Shallows presented by Susan Carlisle

  • More than a Place: The Setting as a Character presented by Tanya Agler

  • Inside the Lines: The Game Plan for Writing a Winning Sports Romance presented by Tracy Solheim      

  • When Microsoft Word Isn't Working for You and You're Broke – Five Legitimate Free Alternatives presented by Crystal Ramos

  • Creating Memorable Characters presented by Mary Barfield

  • Charge Up Your Book’s Sex Scenes: How to write emotional, sensual love scenes with erotic toys presented by Thien-Kim Lam


Motivational Workshops

  • Maximize your Writing through Nutrition presented by Carole St-Laurent

  • 10,000 Words a Day Doesn’t Matter (If You Only Write Once a Month): How to Build Better Writing Habits presented by Catherine Stuart

  • Build a Better YOU! – Form Tiny Habits for BIG Changes presented by Brenda Lowder


Online Workshops and Presentations

Online workshops and presentations will be pre-recorded


  • The Setting as a Character - Tanya Agler

  • Writing Through It All - Nicki Salcedo

  • Yoga Practice for Writers - Kelly Gardner

  • Ghostly Encounters in Contemporary Romance - Robin Hillyer-Miles

  • Writing for the Big Five - Susan Carlisle

  • Indie Publishing 101 - Brenda Lowder

  • Researching Through Time and Time Zones - Walt Mussell

  • Writing a Winning Sports Romance - Tracy Solheim  

  • Social Media Marketing - Rae Jordan

  • Nice Girl's Guide to Conflict - Sally Kilpatrick

  • Your Pacing Score: A Numeric System for Finding Slow Spots (and Tips to Fix Them) - Arielle Haughee

  • Microsoft Word Alternatives – Crystal Ramos

  • Developing Characters Through Revision - Rachel Smoka-Richardson

  • Building Your Characters - Nicki Salcedo

  • Guided Meditation for Writers - Kelly Gardner

  • To PR or not to PR? That is the Question - Ciara Knight, Susan Carlisle

  • Why Book Reviewers Matter with The Romance Dish – PJ Ausdenmore

  • An Interview with Sarah’s Book Picks – Sarah Deaner

  • Get to know Old School Romance Book Club – Eva Moore

  • Online Romance Writing Communities – Thien-Lam Kim

  • Featured Speaker: Piper G. Huguley

  • Keynote Presentation: Vanessa Riley