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Submit Workshop Proposal at M&M

2024 M&M Workshop Proposals

The Moonlight and Magnolias Conference is looking for presenters!
Are you an author or publishing industry professional? Do you have an area of expertise or experience that might benefit authors looking to improve? We would love for you to consider presenting!

Our goal is to provide a wide variety of workshops and panels that are fun and interesting for writers of all levels. Below are some suggested submission topics, which were curated from previous survey results:

  • Blurb writing, query letters, synopsis construction, scene and story structure

  • Tools/resources, genre/tropes/themes, publishing wide v. Kindle Unlimited

  • Collaboration, where to begin with website and social media

  • Advanced editing techniques, advanced story crafting classes, creative social media

  • Approaches, production schedule tips and tricks, or other unique themes (example: Universal Fantasy or KDrama Cure)

Workshop submissions close MARCH 1st. All presenters will be notified by April 1st.


  • A $50 stipend will be awarded to each selected workshop.

  • All travel and registration costs associated with attending the M&M Conference remain with each attendee.

Thank you for offering your time and expertise to the 2024 Moonlight and Magnolias conference.

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