Apply to Do Workshop at M&M

2022 M&M Workshop Proposals

*Workshop proposals are now closed for the 2022 conference.

Please read the following, then click at the bottom of this page and submit the proposal form, which includes uploading two separate files:

  • A headshot file, preferably in jpg or png format

    • If you have multiple presenters, upload a headshot for each presenter when each one is requested.

  • A document (Word, PDF, Google docs, or rtf format) containing the following:

    • An extended description of your workshop;

    • An outline of your workshop;

    • Why you think the workshop or panel would be a good fit for M&M.


  • If you have multiple presenters, the form will ask for contact info and a bio for each one.

  • Remember that the more information you provide about your workshop, the more likely that it will be seriously considered for inclusion in the conference. Missing information in the proposal form or the uploaded file may result in your workshop not being chosen.

  • You must be logged on to a Google account to be able to access the proposal form.  If you do not have a Google account and do not wish to create one, please contact the program director at for assistance.

  • If your workshop is selected, you will be required to register for the conference. You may not present a workshop without being a fully paid attendee.

  • Assuming you have prepared your documents ahead of time, expect this form to take a minimum of 10 minutes to fill out.

  • Contact if you have any questions or problems.

Workshop Submission Form- NOW CLOSED