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Published Authors

* Denotes Published Author Network (G-PAN) members

If you are a Published or G-PAN member of GRW, and would like to be included in this list, or if you are already on this list and would like your website address included, please send an email with the name you want listed to

To be eligible for G-PAN an author should have traditionally AND/OR indie published works of at least 40,000 words.

Anne Armistead

Tanya Agler*

Marilyn Baron*

Laurel Blount*

Natasha Boyd*

Tami Brothers

Carla Buchanan

Susan Carlisle*

Lauren Connolly

Sharon C. Cooper*

Martha Crockett*

Alexa Day

Anna DeStefano*

Sandra McGregor Elzie*

Jeanine Englert*

KG Fletcher

Connie Gillam*

Debby Giusti*

Seressia Glass*

Lynnette Hallberg*

Maureen Hardegree

Sharina Harris/Rina Gray*

Raven Hart
Rachel Jones

Debbie Kaufman

Lauren H. Kelley*

Sherrilyn Kenyon*

Sally Kilpatrick*

Ciara Knight*

Nancy Knight*

Christy LaShea*

Jane Lewis*

Jillian Liota*

Anne Lovett

Brenda Lowder*
Pam Mantovani*

Mia McKimmy

Mary Marvella

Barbara Monajem*
Sherrie Lea Morgan
Carrie Nichols*

Nancy Northcott

Rocky Patacsil

Eliza Peake
Lindi Peterson*

M.J. Pullen

Tina Radcliffe
Larissa Reinhart*
Vanessa Riley*
Nicki Salcedo*
Susan Sands*
Carol Shaughnessy

Dianna Shuford

Haywood Smith*
Tracy Solheim*
Jennifer St. Giles*
Carla Swafford*
Leslie Tentler*
Missy Tippens*

Becke Turner
Kim Turner*

Pamela Varnado

Terra Weiss*

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