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M&M Workshops

2024 GRW Workshops

Anne Armistead

Plotting a Christmas Romance Using "The Journey of the Hero"

Barbara V. Evers

Short & Sweet and Oh So Hard—Creating Your Pitch

Brenda Lowder

Make Facebook Ads Work for You!

Bridget E. Baker

Outline Your Novel: How to Save Time By Writing a Polish-Ready First Draft

Bridget E. Baker

How to Maximize Your Wide Revenue

Carrie Nichols

Telling Your Story Through Dialogue

Cookie O'Gorman

Romancing the Blurb: Capture Readers in 200 Words (or Less)

Dianna Shuford

Developing Stronger Villains

Dianna Shuford

Show v. Tell: The Battle of Characterization

Erin Kathleen Bahl

Building Your Online Presence: Getting Started with Websites and Social Media

Heather B. Moore

Growing Your Readership through Author Collaboration

Heidi McCahan

Dictation 101: Harness the Power of Your Voice to Write Your Next Novel

HM Thomas

How to Plot Your Pants Off

Jeanine Englert

Capitalizing on Your Character’s Wounds, Secrets, Fears, and Dreams

Jenna Grinstead & Eva Siedler

Writing Authentic Neurodiverse Characters 

Jess Mastorakos

Emotional Wounds: The Salt and Pepper Method

Jill Tew

Romancing the Nutshell: A Plot Structure Hybrid Approach for

SFFH Romance Writers

Jillian David

Deep POV: Take Your Story from Ho-Hum to HOLY MACKEREL!

Jillian Liota

Growing Your Newsletter with a Freebie Book Club

Joi Jackson

Which Tool Should I Use? A Tech Guide for Romance Writers

KG Fletcher

Social Media Basics for New Authors

Kim Turner

Ask A Nurse

Lauren Connolly

The Author's Year Roadmap

Lindi Peterson

Writing for the Inspirational Market

Michelle McCraw

Manage your Writing Like a Boss

Nancy Herkness

The Subtle Art of Pacing

Nancy Northcott

The Supporting Cast: Secondary Characters 

Nicki Salcedo

Stage Ready Writers

Nicki Salcedo

The Art of the Slow Burn

Nikki Rome

Writing Steamy Scenes the Right Way

Sally Kilpatrick

Laughter Is Serious Business

Shirley Jump

 The Synopsis Road Map

Sia Huff

Conflict – The Road to Change 

Stacy Gold

Finding Your Author Voice (And How It’s Different from Other Voices in Your Books)

Stephanie Leigh Kirschmann

Creating a Plan to Tackle Burnout: Strategies for Writers

Susan Sands

Queries, Submissions, and How to Overcome Rejection

Tanya Agler

60 Minutes to Your Author Business Plan

Teri Wilson

From Pumpkin Patches to Christmas Cookies: How to Write a Heartwarming, Hallmark-Sweet Romance

Terra Weiss

Books with Hooks Sell. Period

Tony Morri

Neurons of Perception: The Power of Imagistic Writing

Walt Mussell

Across Time and Time Zones: Researching History From Half A World Away

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