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PRO Membership

What is G-PRO membership?

If you thought to yourself that G-PRO must be short for “professional,” then you are on the right track. G-Pro designation means you have taken a step beyond being a hobbyist. You have, in fact, written a novel, and you have taken the added step of submitting it to a publisher or a literary agent.

The Benefits of Pro

The major benefit of G-PRO is that fellow members, editors, and agents all immediately know you have the capability of finishing a book, that you have the guts to submit it, and that you are taking other steps to become a serious writer.

Local benefits include:

  • Special sessions at the Moonlight and Magnolias Conference

  • Being a part of the G-PRO list on the GRW web site.

  • Excellent promotion opportunity through being able to link to your web site or blog from that list for only $10 a year. Send an email to for more details.

How to Become a PRO


In order to become PRO you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You are not PAN-eligible.

  • You have completed a single romance novel of 40,000 words or more not including short stories, poetry or novellas.

  • You have submitted your work to a literary agent or a non-Subsidy/non-Vanity romance publisher.


Once you have determined that you have met that criteria, contact us for an application.

​Note: If you have previously been RWA PRO approved, you may submit proof of RWA PRO status. Questions? Contact the PRO liaison at:  

If you are a G-PRO member of GRW, and would like to be included in this list, or if you are already on this list and would like your website address included, please send an email with the name you want listed, and the website address, to

Our G-PRO Members


Peggy Anderson

Colleen Baxter

Victoria Bromley

Marielle Browne

Darlene Buchholz

Christina Crayn

Kimberly Castle

Darcy Crowder

Vicki Dabney

Brenda Davis

Debra Davis

Carrie Deem

Kasey Dillard

Marilyn Estes

Diane Ferguson

Melora Francois

Tiffany Griffith

Maureen Hardegree

Ann Harris

LaShon Hill

Robin Hillyer-Miles

Sia Huff

Shayne Huxtable

Olga Jackson

Kelly Larivee

Heather Leonard

Lainey Marshall

Mary Oldham

Crystal Ramos

Deborah Reece

Emily Sewell

Linda Strother

Anne Sullivan

Pam Trouy

Kerrie Turner

Emma Vail

Beth Warstadt

A.M. Wells

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