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Published Maggie Finalists


Contemporary Romance

In Alphabetical Order

Wedding Date with Her Best Friend 

by Susan Carlisle*

Letter Late Than Never

by Lauren Connolly*

Once Upon a Christmas Legend

by Ciara Knight*

Déjà Vu

by Liz Leiby*

The Problem with Perfect

by Jillian Liota*

Historical Romance

In Alphabetical Order

A Tryst in Paris

by Anne Armistead*



Devil in Our Hearts

by Lizzie Jenks

The Lord Trap

by Judith Lynne

The Duke’s Dark Secret

by Courtney McCaskill

Driving Miss Darling: A Sweet Regency Romance

by K. Lyn Smith

Two Scandals and a Scot

by Tracy Sumner

Inspirational Romance

In Alphabetical Order

Courage in the Storm

by Laurel Blount*

Crime Scene Witness

by Dana R. Lynn

Hunted at Christmas

by Dana R. Lynn

Their Surprise Second Chance

by Lindi Peterson*

Eliminating the Witness

by Jordyn Redwood

Paranormal Romance

In Alphabetical Order

Earth Magic & Hot Water

by Lauren Connolly*

The Witch Whisperer

by Barb DeLong

The Gargoyle King

by Christina Dutch*


by Aria Glazki


by Becca Ryden

Romantic Suspense

In Alphabetical Order

Knot Innocent

by Jo Chambliss

Delayed Redemption

by Kel O’Connor*

To Hold and Protect

by Sandra Owens

Silent Surrender

by HM Thomas*


by Anna J. Stewart

Women's Fiction with Central Romance

In Alphabetical Order


Blink Twice If You Love Me

by Laurie Beach

The Firefly Jar

by Laurie Beach

Dead Keen

by Anise Eden

The Summer of Second Chances

by Miranda Liasson

And Then There Was You

by Nancy Naigle



*Denotes GRW Member.

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