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Pre-Published 2023 Maggie Finalists


Contemporary Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

Looking for Love

by Charli Kent

Flying into Disasters

by AL Maze

The Boyfriend Variables

by Crystal Nikish

Head Over Boots for You

by Lena Pinto

Homegrown Honey

by Jennifer Rhys

Historical Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

The Spy’s Temptation

by Addie Bealer

Lottie’s War

by Jeanne M. Dickson

The Perils of Loving a Rake

by Marie Huston

A Belated Season

by Emily Sewell**


by Lori Urick

Inspirational Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

The Weaver’s Dream

by Tema Banner

High Altitude Abduction

by Elaine Clampitt

Under a Georgia Moon

by Gayla Crosby

Winning the Game of Love

by Leslie DeVooght

Paranormal Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

Bad Spells

by Ksen Cirkelis

To Defy a King

by Pat Eckhoff

Eros on Earth

by LuLu Johnson


by Kelly Larivee**

Tamsin Lee and the Jaguar God

by Annie R. McEwen

Romantic Suspense

*In Alphabetical Order

Blind Conviction

by Amy Ivan

Angel Falls

by Julie Korzenko**

Father Identified

by Leah Miles**

Mina Mine

by Deena Short**

Women's Fiction with Central Romance

*In Alphabetical Order


Non-disclosure Agreement

by C.J. Gold

The Reboot of Lettie Grayson

by Elizabeth Mae

The Hitman’s Daughter

by Mandi McGuire

The Matchmaker of Burnbrook

by Grace Vermillion**

Through the Looking Glass

by Lane Woods**



Young Adult/New Adult

The Donor

by Jennifer Dyer

Two Wishes

by Jennifer Dyer


by Susan Chapek

** Denotes GRW Member.

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