Pre-Published Maggie Award


The names and categories of Maggie recipients and finalists will appear in the Romance Writers Report.

Contemporary Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

The Unexpected Gift

Wendy Cederberg

Lark Lake Lodge

Maggie Eliot


Allie J. Rae

Just Fake Married

Marty Vees

Historical Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

If the Slipper Fits

Kimberly Keyes

The Duke & Vix McCoy

Kelli Larivee**


Sincerely, Your Enemy

Josie Carlisle

Who Wants to Marry a Marquess

Josie Carlisle

A Scandal Changes Everything

Josie Carlisle


Mainstream Fiction with Central Romance

*In Alphabetical Order


The Wife's Secret

Christine Gunderson

Into the Shattered Night

Sia Huff **

Stalling in Love

Emily Morris Matheis

The Guardian's Mark

Victoria Farhat

Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

*In Alphabetical Order

2033 Ancestor Resurrection

Deborah DeHaemer


Lori DeJong

The Hunted Heir

Jana Breigh

Second First Impression

Jayna Breigh


Bonnie Martin

Romantic Suspense

*In Alphabetical Order

Lethal Lies

Victoria Elliot

Going for Broke

Victoria Elliot

Burn Me Once

Elle Bjorlie

Change in Plan

Mia Kay

Missed Opportunity

C.S. Smith

Paranormal Romance

*In Alphabetical Order

Sunsets and Other Dangerous Things

Dani Frank

A Kiss of Blood and Fire

Crystal Ramos**

The Shadow of Death

Trisza Ray

In the Woods, Bears

Willow Bern

Young Adult/New Adult

*In Alphabetical Order

The Stage

Sarah Curtis

Blue Serenity

Jennifer Dyer

Darkest Time

Jenna Grinstead

No Space Between Us

Lana J Pattinson

Periodic Attraction

Lana J Pattinson

Leap of Faith

TL Sumner

** Denotes a GRW Member​