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Maggie Award 2022 Finalists & Winners

Published Finalists & Winners

Contemporary Romance

Winner: Forrest for the Trees by Kilby Blades

What Happens in Denver by Liz Crowe

The Love Con by Seressia Glass

Mr. Write by Catherine Rull

Just for Kicks by Tracy Solheim**

Second Chance Christmas by Tracy Solheim**​

Historical Romance

Winner: Pippa and the Prince of Secrets by Grace Calloway

Love’s Refrain by KG Fletcher**

Lily by Kathleen Bittner Roth

The Physician’s Dilemma by K. Lyn Smith

The Gingerbread Man by Kim Turner**

Mainstream Fiction With a Central Romance

Under Cover of Night by Constance Gillam

Winner: You Spin Me by Karen Grey

Solo in the City by Zola Joyce

Cup-Tied by Marina Reznor

No Friend of Mine by Catherine Rull

Paranormal Romance

Ensnared by Innocence by Larissa Lyons

Ancient Vendetta by Katie Reus

Finding Salus by Meg M. Robinson

Winner: The Duke is Wicked by Tracy Sumner



Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

Buried Cold Case Secrets by Sami A. Abrams

Lost and Found Faith by Laurel Blount

Cornerstone by Nancy J. Farrier

Winner: Healing Skye by Janet W. Ferguson

Amish Christmas Escape by Dana R. Lynn

A Life Redeemed by Olivia Rae

Romantic Suspense:

Winner: Stay Hidden by Julie Anne Lindsey

Unsettled Scores by Kel O’Connor

Memories and Moonbeams by Averil Reisman

Mystery on Spirit Mountain by Brenda Whiteside

Protect My Heart by Diane Wiggs


Young Adult/New Adult:

What Lies Beneath by Marissa Doyle

Eyeful by C. R. Grissom

Winner: Please Fall for Me by M. W. McKinley

Cursed by Nancy Knight & Berta Platas



** Denotes GRW Member.

Prepublished Finalists & Winners


Contemporary Romance

Honorable Mention: The Unexpected Gift by Wendy Cederberg

3rd Place: Unaware by Allie J. Rae

2nd Place: Just Fake Married by Marty Vees

Winner: Lark Lake Lodge by Maggie Eliot

Historical Romance

Honorable Mention: Who Wants to Marry a Marquess by Josie Carlisle

Honorable Mention: If the Slipper Fits by Kimberly Keyes

3rd Place: Sincerely, Your Enemy by Josie Carlisle

2nd Place: The Duke & Vix McCoy by Kelli Larivee

Winner: A Scandal Changes Everything by Josie Carlisle

Mainstream Fiction w/Central Romance

Honorable Mention: Into the Shattered Night by Sia Huff ** 

3rd Place: Stalling in Love by Emily Morris Matheis

2nd Place:  The Wife's Secret by Christine Gunderson

Winner: The Guardian's Mark by Victoria Farhat

Paranormal Romance

Honorable Mention: In the Woods, Bears by Willow Bern

Honorable Mention:  The Shadow of Death by Trisza Ray

3rd Place: Sunsets and Other Dangerous Things by Dani Frank

2nd Place: The Shadow of Death by Trisza Ray

Winner: A Kiss of Blood and Fire by Crystal Ramos **

Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

Honorable Mention: Love’s True Calling by Lori DeJong

Honorable Mention: 2033 Ancestor Resurrection by Deborah DeHaemer

3rd Place: Second First Impression by Jayna Breigh

2nd Place: Of Feuds and Faith by Bonnie Martin

Winner: The Hunted Heir by Jayna Breigh

Romantic Suspense

Honorable Mention: Going for Broke by Victoria Elliot

Honorable Mention: Lethal Lies by Victoria Elliot

3rd Place: Burn Me Once by Elle Bjorlie

2nd Place: Missed Opportunity by C.S. Smith

Winner: Change in Plan by Mia Kay


Young Adult/New Adult

Honorable Mention: Blue Serenity by Jennifer Dyer

Honorable Mention: Darkest Time by Jenna Grinstead

Honorable Mention: Periodic Attraction by Lana J Pattinson

3rd Place: Leap of Faith by TL Sumner

2nd Place: The Stage by Sarah Curtis

Winner: No Space Between Us by Lana J Pattinson


**Denotes GRW member

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