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Previous Speakers

Mary Kay Andrews

Sheila Athens

Cavemen, Karma, and Creativity: Mining What’s Already Inside You For Stories That Sell

Anna DeStefano

Live Your Story: Commit to Getting Intimate With Your Story

Lynn Cullen

Bringing History to Life with Literature

Anne Bartolucci

Overcoming Procrastination

Patti Callahan Henry

First Things First: What Really Matters with your Writing

Noelle Pierce

How to DIY Your Book Cover

Tami Cowden

Character Archetypes

Natasha Boyd

3-2-1 Launch: How to Give Your Book the Best Chance at a Successful Liftoff


Ciara Knight

Demystifying Self-Publishing

Karen White

How I Became an Overnight Success *cough*

Piper Huguley

Make a Way When There’s No Way: Creating Your Own Niche in an Ever-Changing Publishing Market

Tanya Michaels

Is It Hot In Here? Creating H.E.A.T Between Your Characters

Nicki Salcedo

Create Your Own Adventure

Stephanie Bond

Sean Fitzgerald

Sally Kilpatrick

Walt Mussell

Introduction to Kindle Worlds

Virginia Kantra

Deep POV Master Class: I’ve Got You Under My Skin

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