January 18th Program

Black and Blue – A Virtual Class on Policing for Authors



Rachel Rivers

Award-Winning Author Rachel Rivers writes paranormal and romantic suspense filled with gripping action and passionate love. Understanding good and evil aren't black and white, she uses emotion-tugging stories to explore the numerous facets of gray. Intrigued by scarred souls and battered hearts, she challenges her characters to delve deep into the muck that is humanity.


Her first novel, Embracing Betrayal , won Best of the Best in the Montana Strong Contest, and finaled in the paranormal category of the Maggies and the Laurie. Her newest series, West Echo, focuses on the men and women who wear the badge – and those who love them.


When she’s not writing sexy stories, she’s responding to 911 calls as a patrol Sergeant in a mid-size city. She’s been a cop for ten years, spending the past five as a Hostage Negotiator and Lead Crisis Intervention Instructor. She lives with her smoking hot husband and toddler triplets (who ensure she’s constantly covered in all things sticky, gross, and unmentionable). She also

loves training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for whatever situation the street – or her kids – may throw at her. A lover of red wine, tattoos, and hard rock music, she’s down-to-earth and swings at every pitch life throws at her.



Policing is an attention-grabbing, conversation-starting career. It’s also a career that has changed drastically in the ten years I’ve been a street cop. To write cops, you need to know cops – how we think, how we feel, how we talk and act (and more importantly, react). This class isn’t a basic overview of policing; thanks to the internet, you can spend hours gathering information on room-clearing or rifle manipulation. This class focuses on who we are. Why we do what we do. Our rewards and consequences. How we change as people, losing crucial pieces of ourselves while gaining new perspectives and scars. Join me for a raw conversation as we dive beneath the Thin Blue Line.



Programing Note:

Due to the current pandemic situation, we have moved our monthly meetings online using Zoom. An invitation will be announced to our members in good standing each month via the RWA forum. The meetings will open at 9:30 a.m. for technical assistance and the program itself will begin at 10:00 a.m.