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Enter the Published Maggies

The Published Maggie Award for Excellence opens Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024. Entries must be RECEIVED by April 5, 2025 at 10pm EST, and must follow all format requirements listed on the entry form. Finalists will be notified June 24, 2024 and winners will be announced at the Moonlight & Magnolias Conference banquet on October 5, 2024.​

Please Note: You will be asked for your PayPal payment confirmation number before this form can be submitted. It is recommended that you go through the payment process before filling out this electronic document.

Review the following information before completing your entry to insure your entry meets eligibility and formatting requirements.

Eligibility Requirements:


  • Open to all works of Romantic Fiction over 40,000 words

  • Traditional and Self-Published works are eligible as long as they meet all requirements for published fiction novels.

  • Digital/eBooks in the .pdf format are required. All eBooks must be readable using Amazon e-reader apps.

  • Any book that doesn’t meet the eligibility requirements as outlined in the Maggie Rules will be disqualified.

  • All books must have an original publication date between Jan 1, 2023 and Dec. 31, 2023 and must not have been previously published.

  • Entries that utilize AI technology, either in part or in whole, are not eligible for the Maggie Award.

  • An entry may not be entered in more than one category.

  • If the minimum number of entries in a category is not met, the entry will be moved into the second-choice category or the entrant can request a refund.

  • Please submit via the Reviewr platform. Log in below, set up an account, and follow the prompts. You will receive a notice by email that your submission was received.

**Important Notice: By entering the Maggie Awards for Excellence, you agree not to post book reviews on any other books entered into the contest (as of the contest start date)—including but not limited to finalists—so long as your book remains in the contest. We understand that you can't know every book that could be entered into the contest, but use your best judgement and err on the side of caution. Failure to follow the rules may result in your own Published Maggie entry disqualification.

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